Reopening Your Worksite Webinar & How We Can Help

Returning to the workplace is complicated. The NYS Department of Health mandatory procedures and recommended guidelines are complex and require significant preparation, resources and execution. We can help make the process simpler so you can focus on your core business, by providing everything from consultants to construct an a-la-carte safety plan, site safety monitors to ensure the plan is being followed, social distance monitors to regulate flow in heavily trafficked areas, health screeners to control and log access and disinfectors to keep the workplace safe.

Here is our list of services:

Covid-19 Site Safety Plan Consultants

Our consultants will help your company implement and execute a site safety plan, in full compliance with DOH and federal guidelines. These consultants are well versed in worksite safety and will work alongside you to design a plan to maintain workplace distancing, sanitation schedules, screening criteria, traffic flow patterns, and compliance with the multitude of other regulations and requirements.

Clinical and Non-Clinical Health Screeners

Health Screeners contribute towards a safe working environment by observing symptoms of all personnel entering the worksite; asking health screening questions; and performing temperature checks, if desired, permitting access only to those who fall below a pre-determined body temperature threshold. They can also log staff and visitor attendance in compliance with contact tracing protocols. We offer two types of staff to do this work:

Clinical Staff:

We offer medically trained, clinical staff for clients who would like to ensure that the person clearing their employees has a medical background. These individuals have more experience in observing symptoms than non-clinical staff. The presence of a medical professional may also provide
comfort to other employees at the worksite. Medical screeners include RNs, LPNs, EMTs and Medical Assistants.

Non-Clinical Staff:

Non-clinical health screeners can provide the basic health screening duties such as asking screening questions, taking temperatures and logging attendance. They have strong customer service and
communication skills and have been oriented on proper health screening techniques.

Social Distancing Monitors

Our lobby, elevator and worksite monitors make sure required face coverings are being worn, and that individuals are following established social distancing guidelines. In the lobby, they help ensure social distancing measures are in place on entry lines waiting for elevator access as well as enforcing load limits for each elevator car. They also can be used to press the floor buttons to minimize contact. With a background in customer service and crowd control, our monitors assist employees and visitors in a courteous and professional manner.

Covid-19 Site Safety Monitors

The Department of Health requires companies designate an individual to ensure compliance with all aspects of their site safety plan. Our full time or part-time site safety monitors are available to monitor your worksite against your site safety plan, to ensure social distancing, mask-wearing, disinfection and traffic flow is working in accordance with your plan. During slower times, Health Screeners can be utilized to perform site safety monitoring if desired.

Disinfectors / Cleaners

Disinfection Technicians work on the front line in the battle against disease and infection, using client-supplied materials. Our disinfectors provide critical sanitizing services that create healthier environments, while working under our client's supervision.

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