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5 Tips For Working In A Remote Setting

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Working remotely was a growing trend even before COVID-19, but the pandemic truly forced companies to reconsider the traditional workplace. While some might start returning to work full-time as our lives are returning to normal, the trend toward remote work is still present. Remote work comes with numerous benefits. It’s been shown to increase productivity, reduce turnover, and lower overhead costs. However, if you are new to this, you might not know how to make remote work effective. Here are some tips! 

Tips for Working in a Remote Setting

These tricks can help you stay creative, productive, and inspired so that you can successfully work in a remote setting. 


A communication flow between employees is beneficial, but it becomes even more important in a remote setting. Keep your manager and coworkers updated on your progress, your tasks, and all other details that are relevant to their work. This way, others will be encouraged to also communicate openly and efficiently.

Make Sure Your Technology Is Working for You

Good headphones are a must too as they can make online meetings easier to go through. You should also invest in gadgets that make work easier and keep you healthy at the same time while working remotely. Things like an ergonomic chair and a good mouse or keyboard can keep you physically and mentally sane.  

Create a Good Working Environment 

Try to create a work environment that keeps you calm, focused, and productive. Avoid clutter or working from your bed as it can be distracting. Have a designated work area to keep your personal and work life separated even if you are working from home. This way, you can achieve balance and not feel like your work is following you everywhere.  

Try different things, such as plants, noise-canceling headphones, and so on, and see what works better for you and what boosts your focus and productivity. 

Take Breaks

No matter how busy you are, try to take a break every 50 minutes or so during work. Stretch, walk, make some tea and clear your head so that you can stay focused and productive.  

The problem-solving process will look different if you show up to an important meeting with a decompressed mind.  

Know When It’s Time to End Your Work Day 

It might be a bit challenging for some people to set boundaries when it comes to working remotely. While some tasks need your undivided attention, switching off and knowing how important it is to separate your personal schedule from your work schedule will benefit not only you but the company too. You will show up the next morning refreshed and ready to start the day. 

Over to You!  

Remote work can be amazing as it gives you more flexibility and autonomy. However, it’s important not to let your work invade your personal life and set clear boundaries through good communication, taking time off, and creating the best work environment for you. At TemPositions we are currently hiring for various remote roles. If you are interested, click the button below to apply today! 

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