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11 Recruitment Strategies to Attract the Best Candidates

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11 Recruitment Strategies to Attract the Best Candidates

1. Craft a Compelling Message

There’s a lot of competition among organizations seeking to attract top candidates. Companies are making the most of their compensation and benefits packages and adding extra perks to keep applications flowing in. If you want your organization to stand out from its competitors, consider adopting a few new recruitment strategies designed to attract more (and better) candidates.

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When you look around your company, what stands out? Do you have a cutting-edge product? Do you emphasize work-life balance among your employees? Are there opportunities for advancement or a focus on encouraging workers to invest in learning?

Whatever distinguishes your company from others, make sure you include it in your job advertisements, company website, and social media posts. Your recruitment strategies should articulate what’s unique about your organization. Thus, you’ll attract people who resonate with those qualities.

2. Explain How the Job Can Benefit Candidates

Attracting top talent is more likely to occur when applicants understand how the potential role can benefit them. As Doug Arms, Chief Operating Officer of The TemPositions Group of Companies, explains: “Describe how the job can improve the applicant’s marketability or make them better at their craft.” Add this to your recruiting strategies toolkit.

3. Expand Your Net of Recruitment Strategies

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with online job boards such as Indeed and LinkedIn. Expand your digital footprint to reach top candidates with the qualifications you’re looking for.

Consider recruiting candidates through social channels, networking groups, and diversity groups. Therefore, by implementing these niche additions, you’ll uncover potential candidates that find your organization especially attractive.

4. Add Video To Your Job Ads

People are increasingly turning to video rather than reading through long blocks of text. Videos tend to feature the all-important human element and can offer memorable entertainment value. 

In your job advertisements, you might provide potential applicants with a look at your office or the job they’ll perform. You can also use video to describe what’s unique about your organization or the benefits it offers.

In creating this video, consider using tools such as VEED for a professional touch. VEED often comes with features like video to text and add text to video which can aid in providing clear and precise information. You could enhance the audio of your content using AI voice cloning that digitally reproduces the tone and inflection of a human voice. It’s about creating an engaging user-friendly experience through the power of multimedia to deliver your organization’s story.”

5. Emphasize Your Company’s Culture

Often, hiring managers get so caught up in the steps of the hiring process that they forget about company culture. Company culture should be more than a simple talking point or a blurb on your website.

Hold a session with your hiring managers to describe the culture you’re cultivating for the organization. So, make sure they can articulate the finer points of this culture to all the applicants they interview. Potential employees should understand your organization’s values and determine whether they align with their own.

6. Understanding the Interview Process and Role Requirements

Most organizations hold preliminary interviews with their candidates before moving them through the additional steps in their recruitment process. A recruiter typically performs the initial review and may have little in-depth knowledge of the position.

Recruiters should meet periodically with their hiring manager to prioritize skills critical to the role they are recruiting, and understand how those skills are priced into the employment market. That way, the recruiter is in a better position to identify candidates who deserve to move down the pipeline, and the hiring manager has a better understanding of candidates available in their budget. 

7. Know Your Competitors

According to Doug Arms, “The competition for talent has changed dramatically in the last few years. Organizations you wouldn’t normally consider competition are seeking the same talent you want.”

Over the past few years, many organizations have shifted their recruitment strategies. While you may expect local companies to seek similar candidates, you’re also competing with national and international organizations looking for remote workers.

8. Understand Your Job Seeker’s Needs

Remote, flexible, and hybrid work structures are no longer fanciful or far-fetched benefits — they’re a new reality companies must accept or be left behind. While it’s not necessary to compromise your work culture, you may need to adapt to your applicant’s desires for these options.

Opening your doors to remote workers comes with numerous benefits is a key recruitment strategy, as you’ll gain access to talented individuals nation- or even worldwide rather than being limited to a smaller local pool.

9. Highlight Your Company’s Unique Benefits

Compensation is a critical factor to any job seeker, but so are benefits. Be clear about the benefits your employees enjoy, whether they encompass a flexible work schedule, premiere location, or lots of time off. More than ever, applicants are looking for perks that separate one organization from another.

10. Implement Employee Referral Programs

Asking for employee referrals is a great way to bring on workers who identify with your existing staff and can add value to your organization. You can implement an employee referral program as a recruitment strategy and provide specific rewards to workers who recommend individuals you hire.

11. Consider RPO Recruiting

RPO (meaning “recruitment process outsourcing”) is growing among organizations looking for talent. RPO recruiting involves removing the burden of finding qualified applicants from your HR team and management staff.

Rather than investing in the in-house staff, software, and advertising platforms necessary to set up an effective recruitment marketing strategy, you outsource the process to a staffing agency that can handle it for you.

TGC Search provides recruitment process outsourcing as a service called Outsourced Talent Recruitment (OTR). Instead of hiring recruiters, buying an applicant tracking system, and investing in recruitment advertising – you can essentially rent a TGC Search recruiter and all the resources they have available to them. TGC Search recruiters have a talent pool they can sort through to find individuals ready to support your business, along with state-of-the-art technology to track a candidate’s status, improve communication, and deliver a positive hiring experience.

Outsourcing your recruitment activities can be cheaper and more effective than handling it yourself. Rather than hiring several full-time employees to do the job, you’ll have a team of experienced professionals who can implement methods to attract workers who suit your organization’s culture and values.

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