The Best Mental Health Jobs in New York City

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The Best Mental Health Jobs in New York City

If you are considering a career in mental health or currently searching for mental health jobs in a new location, now is an opportune time to explore your options. Regrettably, the U.S. is currently facing a mental health crisis, with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)estimating that one in five U.S. adults experiences symptoms of poor mental health annually, and nearly 27 million individuals with a mental illness do not receive the necessary treatment.

Moreover, New York City is one of the regions heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, according to officials from the NYC Health Department report, New Yorkers continue to endure higher-than-average levels of stress, anxiety, and depression due to the pandemic. Consequently, there is an unprecedented demand for qualified professionals to fill positions such as substance abuse counselors and other behavioral health jobs.

The shortage of mental health care professionals contributes to many individuals not receiving essential mental health services. So, if you are interested in health care positions related to mental health, contact us or apply at TemPositions Health Care today.

How to Find Jobs in the Mental Health Field in NYC

Whether you are looking for mental health counselor jobs, case manager jobs, or any other behavioral health positions in New York City, start by making sure you have the education and personal traits needed for a career in the mental health field.

Personal skills that will help you be successful include:

• Compassion

• Patience

• Active listening

• Critical thinking

• Calm demeanor

• Empathy

In addition to these important personal attributes, you will need a post-secondary education. The minimal degree requirement is a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields:

• Counseling

• Sociology

• Nursing

• Human services

• Psychology

• Social work

Some positions require a master’s degree in psychology, nursing, or mental health counseling, and others may require a doctorate-level degree. You might also be required to take the Examination for Professional Practice Psychology (depending on your career path) and maintain current state licensing. 

Once you have completed all qualifications that are necessary to pursue a career in mental health, the next step is to decide what type of job appeals to you the most. 

Jobs in the Mental Health Field

Many types of  jobs that fall into the category of mental health.

There are various well-known roles in the mental health field, such as psychologists, marriage and family therapists, case managers, direct support professionals, substance use disorder counselors, and school counselors. Additionally, there are administrative positions available in mental health centers that do not involve direct interaction with clients or patients.

Similar to other career fields, the realm of mental health offers more opportunities than many people realize, particularly in a city as vast as New York. While working at hospitals and clinics may seem like obvious choices, you could also consider a career in the NYC school system, correctional facilities, juvenile centers, or nursing homes.

Therefore, with the appropriate qualifications and a genuine desire to assist others, your possibilities are practically limitless.

Entry-Level Mental Health Jobs

Outpatient mental health clinics, drug treatment centers, and community health centers are some of the institutions where entry-level jobs are typically available. When you begin your job search, check the job boards for these types of institutions that are located in the New York City neighborhoods where you wish to work.

Popular positions include:

• Direct Support Professional

 Respite counselor

• Adult counselor

• Youth counselor

• Drug abuse counselor

• Social worker

What’s more, entry-level positions in the mental health field can still provide stability and good income. The experience you gain from working with teens in youth counselor jobs could be the first step toward a career in the foster care system or providing therapy to teens in your own private practice someday.

Remote Mental Health Jobs

Luckily, the surge of online therapy providers has opened up the field both for those in need of mental health services and mental health professionals. Working remotely allows for the flexibility to help clients in multiple locations wherever you live. Some of the positions that can be fulfilled remotely include:

• Behavioral health therapist

• Counselor/therapist

• Group therapy mentor

• Addiction counselor

• School psychologist

Psychiatric Hospital Jobs

If you are interested in psychiatric nurse practitioner jobs or mental health nurse jobs, there are several options available. Psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, school districts, and correctional facilities are just some of the places to search for psychiatric nurse jobs.

Psychiatric nurses play an important role in improving mental health care, and the need for qualified psychiatric nurses is high. According to a study by the American Association of Psychiatric Nurses, less than half of adults and only 20% of children who need psychiatric nursing are able to receive care due to a shortage in available services.

What’s more, New York City is home to some of the most well-known psychiatric hospitals and clinics in the world. Qualified nurses can also explore career options in private practice and telehealth platforms.

Group Home Worker

Another great way to get involved in the mental health field is becoming a group home worker. There are several group home jobs available such as New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) jobs, adult day care jobs, caregiver jobs, direct support professional jobs, and youth counselor jobs. Depending on where group home workers are placed, they could provide guidance anywhere from mental health and relationships to helping patients develop vital life skills. 

Group home workers make a real difference in people’s lives. So, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a group home worker, check out the many different job positions we offer on our find work page

The Benefits of a Career in Mental Health

Helping others improve their quality of life is highly rewarding. While all mental health jobs can be challenging at times, knowing you have made a real difference for someone who is struggling is worth any difficulties you might face. Some of the special benefits of working in the mental health field include:

• Different tasks and experiences every day

• Learning skills that will improve your own mental health

• Appreciation from clients, patients, and their family members

• Playing a critical role in your community

• Job stability

The job outlook for the entire mental health field is favorable, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thus, whether you are interested in mental health therapy or direct support professional jobs, you can expect the job market to continue to grow for at least the next decade. 

Finding Mental Health Jobs in NYC

Whatever kind of mental health job you are interested in, you’ll find a variety of opportunities in New York City. The demand for qualified workers in the mental health field is high, so good candidates can choose from part-time, full-time, remote, virtual, private-practice, and hospital-based positions. 

To learn more about building a career in the field of mental health, contact us or apply at TemPositions Health Care today.

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