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HR RoundTable | Cyber Security Threats

Watch the Recording of this HR RoundTable Regarding Cyber Security Threats

There’s been a lot of talk about cyber security threats but most HR leaders don’t fully understand where Day to Day IT stops and where cyber security starts. But what they do know is that, if something bad happens, they will definitely hear about it and have to deal with it.

In this session, Danny Mizrahi, Founder and CEO of Contango IT, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GRSee, is going to break down the basics of cyber security threats and compliance. To do so we need to first understand IT Best Practices and “Must-Haves” for any business of any size, and how it relates to cyber security threats compliance 101. By doing so, your business could kill two birds with one stone, making sure your business is safe and secure while also being prepared for the eventual compliance issues that will inevitably come up as your business grows.

• What is PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and why does it need to be secure?
• What happens currently when a laptop, or mobile device is lost or stolen?
• How do you prevent end-users from constantly clicking on bad emails and going to phishing websites?
• HR horror stories about poor cybersecurity.

Come learn about these topics plus more!

Danny Mizrahi is the Founder/CEO of Contango IT and Co-Founder/Managing Director of GRSee Americas a very well known, industry recognized, Cybersecurity company.

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