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Your Guide on How to Become a Lawyer in 6 Steps

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Are you driven by a passion for justice and a desire to make a difference? If so, a career as a lawyer might be the perfect fit for you. As legal professionals, lawyers play a vital role in society. The job of a lawyer is to advocate for their clients’ rights, navigate complex legal frameworks, and shape the course of justice. From the thrill of courtroom debates to the meticulous preparation of legal strategies, the path to becoming a lawyer is an exciting and intellectually stimulating journey, much like the characters in the hit TV show “Suits” who constantly engage in high-stakes legal battles while showcasing their sharp legal skills.

Are you wondering how to become a lawyer? Or asking, how long does it take to become a lawyer?  In this blog post, we will guide you through the process and steps to help you land your dream job.

Step One: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

The first step towards becoming a lawyer is to obtain a bachelor’s degree. You might be wondering, what do you major in to become a lawyer? Simply put, there is no specific undergraduate major required for law school. However, it is advisable to choose a program that develops critical thinking, analytical skills, and effective communication. Many aspiring lawyers pursue degrees in fields such as political science, history, or English, but the choice is ultimately yours.

Step 2: Ace the LSAT

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a standardized exam designed to assess your aptitude for the study of law. It evaluates your critical thinking, logical reasoning, analytical skills, and reading comprehension abilities. Are you wondering how to study for the LSAT? Start by purchasing an LSAT prep book, taking practice tests, enrolling in review courses, and honing your test-taking strategies. A strong LSAT score can significantly enhance your chances of gaining admission to reputable law schools.

Step 3: Attend Law School

Upon successfully completing the LSAT, the next step is to attend law school. Research and select law schools that align with your career goals, reputation, and academic offerings. Wondering, how many years is law school? It typically lasts for three years, during which you will study a wide range of legal subjects, participate in practical experiences like mock trials and internships, and sharpen your legal research and writing skills.

Step 4: Pass the Bar Exam

After graduating from law school, aspiring lawyers must pass the bar exam to become licensed to practice law. The bar exam is a comprehensive assessment of legal knowledge and skills, and its specific requirements vary by jurisdiction. Develop a comprehensive study plan, utilize bar exam prep resources, and dedicate sufficient time and effort to prepare for this challenging exam. It’s important to note that the bar exam can be a demanding and high-stakes endeavor, and many aspiring lawyers wonder, “how many times can you take the bar exam?” The answer varies depending on the jurisdiction, as each state or jurisdiction sets its own rules regarding the number of attempts allowed. While some jurisdictions impose limits on the number of times you can take the bar exam, others may have more flexible policies. Typically, you can take it twice across all states.

Step 5: Gain Practical Experience

While passing the bar exam is a significant milestone, practical experience is crucial for becoming a successful lawyer. Seek opportunities to gain hands-on experience through internships, clerkships, or legal clinics. These experiences will provide valuable insights, develop your legal skills, and help you build professional networks within the legal community.

Step 6: Launch Your Legal Career

After obtaining your license to practice law, it’s time to embark on your legal career. Explore different practice areas of law and consider joining law firms, government agencies, or public interest organization. Continuously strive for professional growth, stay updated on legal developments, and actively engage in professional associations to expand your network.


Are you ready to become a lawyer? Take the first step by exploring open lawyer positions on the TemPositions job board. From entry-level opportunities to senior roles, TemPositions offers a wide range of legal positions that can kick-start your legal career. By following the six essential steps outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful lawyer. Good luck!

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