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Here’s How To Lower Health Care Facility Costs, According To Experts

Lowering Your Health Care Facility’s Costs

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Being responsible for running a successful health care facility is no easy task. In addition to providing great health care for each and every patient that walks in, you are also responsible for making sure that your facility’s profits stay positive. This means that your profit margins need to be maintained so that your expenses do not exceed your incoming profits. With the pressures of trying to maintain a healthy balance between the two objectives, there’s a lot to worry about on any given day!

One of the biggest pitfalls in running any facility are the health care facility costs that need to be paid on a daily basis. There are building fees, taxes that need to be paid, and a whole host of other factors relating to operating costs. You are always looking for ways to reduce costs, but it’s not as easy as lowering them and leaving it at that. You still have employees – doctors, nurses, administrative assistants – that need to be paid a respectable salary to ensure that they can pay their bills, feed themselves and provide a roof over their heads. Once you’ve lowered everything as much as you can without sacrificing a major aspect of your facility, it seems like you have exhausted all of your available options. What can you possibly do to reduce your overhead costs?

This is where temporary staff workers can play a significant role in containing your staffing costs and save money, while keeping your facility fully operational. It might not be immediately obvious how this may be the case, so here are some ways that temporary workers can help manage expensive operating costs.

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Avoid Paying Overtime Rates to Permanent Workers

Beyond 40 hours a week, many organizations are required to pay overtime to their employees for each hour that they work overtime. Overtime work is one of the most expensive ways to ensure that those hours are fulfilled, and will cost a significant amount of money when several staff members are doing this. By putting temporary workers in for those hours instead, you can reduce your labor costs without sacrificing on any extra work that needs to get done.

Save Money On Useless Training

Temporary staff workers are well trained to do the jobs that you need them to do. This means next to no learning curve, except to quickly go through how things are managed at your health care facility. Thanks to the experience and skills that they bring, you can reduce the costs that you would normally spend on training new employees.

Get The Right Workers the First Time

A good manager will know that a poor or unproductive employee is extremely costly to the business, many more times than their paid salary. When you hire a temporary worker, they have already screened through reviews to ensure that they are most qualified to do the job that you need. Not only are you saved from the time it takes to do the hiring process properly, but you also save significantly on costs related to worker incompetence.

Improve Worker Productivity

By hiring temporary staff workers, you can delegate tasks that your permanent staff would normally do. This gives your employees more freedom and time to do fewer things, more productively, at a faster rate, and with higher quality. With the pressure taken off of your permanent staff to juggle multiple responsibilities, burnout can also be avoided. This will lead to more patients being seen, and a noticeable improvement in your profit margins.

They Can Be Used as You See Fit

Instead of hiring an extremely expensive consultant to get a short-term yet important job out of the way, you can hire a temporary staff worker that will get it done without incurring significant changes to your fixed expenses. This is something that can be repeated over time for any temporary assignments that come your way.

Many health care facilities have found that hiring temporary staffing will reduce their overhead costs significantly for the above reasons, and there’s no reason why it can’t work for you!  Get in touch with TemPositions, and start saving on costs right now!

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