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Creating Inclusive Spaces: A Diversity Expert’s Blueprint for the Future

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Above: Michaella Bloom, Founder

In today’s workforce, diversity and inclusion are key forces shaping the future of industries, especially in creative sectors. Michaella Bloom, the founder of CLTR LAB and diversity expert with her work at 1UP Talent Network, leverages diversity to drive cultural innovation. Through her journey, Bloom provides a compelling blueprint for synthesizing diverse perspectives within the workforce, particularly for Generation Z.

Fostering Cultural Innovation: The Foundation of CLTR LAB

At CLTR LAB, Bloom’s mission transcends the transient appeal of viral moments, aiming instead to forge enduring cultural movements. Her strategy challenges the status quo by bringing diversity, innovation, authenticity, and creativity to the forefront. As a diversity expert, her evolution from 1UP Talent Network into a community of diverse creators underscores the vital role of underrepresented voices in cultural dialogues.

Empowering Diverse Talent

In discussing her approach to empowering diverse talent, Bloom notes: “I recognized there was a giant elephant in the room. Most people want diverse talent to check a box but are not allowing them to authentically show up as themselves.” This realization prompted her to challenge a Fortune 500 brand’s approach, advocating for a culture-shaping creative’s autonomy in the project. “I made a commitment to creating campaigns, projects, and conversations that actually empower diverse talent to be seen, heard, and valued,” Bloom adds, illustrating her dedication to fostering genuine inclusion and creativity.

Dialogue and Collaboration

Bloom stresses the importance of “continuous, open, and honest dialogue” as a cornerstone. She builds relationships with BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled creators, and creators of all ages, recognizing them as true thought leaders and changemakers. This approach ensures that “diverse voices [share] their thoughts, opinions, and creative ideas throughout the entire creative process, from strategy to execution.” Such an inclusive environment nurtures limitless creativity and innovation.

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The Future of Workplace Diversity and Innovation

Extending the Table

Looking to the future, Bloom predicts a significant shift towards inclusivity in creative industries. She asserts that “true collaboration breeds innovation and innovation demands change,” critiquing the current state of decision-making tables dominated by executives who more or less all share the same demographics. Bloom’s ambition is to “extend the table by bringing diverse voices to the table,” thereby enriching the creative process with a variety of perspectives and experiences.

A Blueprint for the Future

Michaella Bloom’s work illuminates the critical role of diversity and inclusion in sculpting the evolution of the workplace. As Gen Z enters the workforce, armed with values centered around diversity, technology, and social consciousness, Bloom’s initiatives serve as a guiding light. The journey ahead for organizations involves reimagining traditional structures to embrace a more inclusive, representative, and innovative approach. This evolution promises a future where creativity and diversity drive progress, ensuring a workplace where everyone can contribute and succeed

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