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5 Ways Recruiters Help You Land a Job

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Searching for a new job can feel exciting and hopeful at first but can quickly become overwhelming, even for the most qualified and confident job seeker. There is an abundance of job openings on the internet and it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and energy. Time is valuable when searching for a job. Filling out applications, writing cover letters, and tweaking your resume can become very time consuming. Many people experience burnout when they don’t have guidance or feedback during the process. Professional recruiters help guide you through the grueling job search makes the process a lot smoother. If you are still hesitant to reach out to a recruiter, below we have created a list of 5 ways recruiters help you land a job.

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1. Your personal career coach

2. Access to multiple employers and jobs

3. Manage the job process 

4. Recruiters save you time 

5. You stay in a job search data base

Your personal career coach

When you decide to work with a staffing firm you are matched with a trained and skilled recruiter to help guide you through the entire process. They are there to listen to your career objectives. They are fully dedicated to helping you get placed with a job that best suits your experience and qualifications. Recruiters are there to help you at every stage of the job search. Your recruiter also can offer you resume advice, interview tips, and insight about the process. 

Access to multiple job opportunities

Recruiters have access to a large professional network and many different job openings. They even have the ability to access jobs that have not been posted online. This gives you access to more opportunities that align with your resume and experience. Chances are that your recruiter knows what the client wants and can help prepare you for your interview or answer any questions you have. The recruiter also gives you information on everything you need such as background checks, when your interview is and the required paperwork you will need.

Manage the job process

Alone, you navigate through job postings and spend hours applying to jobs, but when you use a recruiter they completely manage the job process for you and take over the most difficult parts. They move quickly and efficiently to schedule interviews on your behalf with companies who are hiring, and they give you immediate actionable feedback about the hiring process. 

Recruiters save you time

Applying to jobs can be extremely time consuming especially when you have other responsibilities on your plate. Filling out job applications is a long process that can easily lead to hours of applying to jobs and critiquing your resume, feeling like a full-time job in itself. To make matters more time consuming, applications can take weeks and sometimes months to be reviewed. For people who are students, working a job, or have other responsibilities of high importance, this process can feel impossible. The recruiter’s job is to give you inside access to companies who are hiring immediately, so that your resume sits on top of the pile. 

You stay in a job search data base

Even if you don’t get selected for the job that you applied to, your time with the recruiter doesn’t end there. Your resume is stored in a database which uses an applicant tracking system to match your skills and experience with suitable job openings. When a job opens up that you’re a good fit for, your recruiter will automatically send you the job alert. This is a great way to stay up to date on new job opportunities. 

Recruiters help you reach your goals

Don’t let searching for a job become your full time time job. At TemPositions we understand that your time is valuable .That is why we have skilled recruiters with professional connections who understand what you’re looking for. You don’t have to be alone in the job search process any longer. Apply to one of TemPositions’ many job openings and get paired with a recruiter today!

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