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Return to the Office

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Are You In? - Or Are You Out?
Vaccines, Variants & the Return to the Office

Government mandates and private employer mandates have intertwined corporate responsibility and employee rights regarding vaccines and returning to the office. In this program, we will discuss what can be done legally and the impact on your office operation and workforce. 

There are a number of legal issues surrounding return to the office such as: 

  • The increased risk to confidential information 
  • Differing treatment of employees triggering discrimination laws 
  • The increased importance of social media policies 

We will discuss these and other related issues.

Return to the Office | The TemPositions Group of Companies | HR Roundtable | HR Webinar

Balancing Rights and Responsibilities

Our collective “return to the office” is more than a practice in logistics. With vaccines and variants driving conversations, another crucial topic has emerged: the balance between employee rights and employer responsibilities.

The legal interplay between an individual’s rights to their personal health decisions and an employer’s right to ensure a safe working environment is nuanced. How do businesses implement vaccine policies or return-to-office mandates without infringing on individual rights? And, importantly, how do employees navigate their professional commitments while advocating for their personal well-being?

Our exclusive webinar, “Are You In? – Or Are You Out? Vaccines, Variants & the Return to the Office,” will address these pressing issues head-on. Join us to gain insights into the legal intricacies surrounding the workplace in a post-pandemic world and to empower yourself with knowledge, understanding, and forward-thinking strategies.

The return to the office isn’t just about space—it’s about respecting rights, understanding obligations, and fostering collaboration. Dive deep into the dialogue. Secure your spot today.

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