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1. Staying compliant with NYC and NYS’s pay transparency laws;
2. Recent NY state and federal laws that restrict an employer’s ability to limit public exposure of sexual harassment allegations;
3. Expanded protections for nursing employees under NY law;
4. Recent NY protections for lawful absences and the impact on employer attendance policies;
5. The US Supreme Court’s recent decision finding that an employee who earned $200,000 per year was eligible for overtime, and takeaways for employers;
6. The National Labor Relations Board’s attack on non-disparagement clauses in severance agreements and how employers should respond;
7. The Federal Trade Commission’s proposed rule banning non-competes and why it might be a blessing in disguise for employers;
8. The US Department of Labor’s proposed rule on independent contractors and what it means for employers;
9. Employee handbook policies under scrutiny by the National Labor Relations Board.

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