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Walter Prystowsky

Creative Director

About Walter

Walter joined TemPositions in 2018 and currently serves as Director of Marketing. He volunteers with the American Staffing Association as Chairman of the Marketing & PR Committee.

As Director of Marketing, Walter implements data-driven tactics to enhance TemPositions’ position in the competitive job market. Drawing from expertise in market analytics, he leads efforts to optimize recruitment campaigns and strengthen our employer brand through targeted content and technical SEO. Walter’s approach is rooted in evidence-based methods, leveraging key industry insights to attract and retain high-caliber talent.

Responsible for developing and implementing strategies to enhance our reputation as a desirable employer, Walter manages recruitment campaigns and oversees our online presence for employer branding. In addition, Walter spearheads our client communication strategies, which entail the creation of materials such as brochures and case studies to effectively engage both prospective and existing clients.