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A Temp Agency in San Diego, California

As a foremost staffing agency in San Diego, our dedication lies in connecting local job seekers with the leading employers in the region. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, we have risen to prominence as a top-tier temp agency in San Diego, celebrated for our skill in sourcing and placing adept professionals.

Our recruitment teams shine in building pools of talented staff, informed by their extensive knowledge of the San Diego community. This aptitude is a testament to our ability to adeptly handle a wide range of projects.

Local Talent, Outstanding Outcomes

Recognized as a leading temp agency in San Diego, our rigorous vetting process ensures that every candidate is impeccably matched to their role, synchronizing their skills with the most suitable job opportunities. We set ourselves apart in the staffing agency domain by seamlessly aligning employer needs with employee capabilities, nurturing successful collaborations.

Opting for our staffing agency in San Diego means choosing a partnership with a team that is deeply committed to innovation, quality, and a forward-thinking approach, essential in the contemporary job market. Whether you are exploring job options or need to staff positions in your organization, our temp agency in San Diego is prepared to go above and beyond your expectations with outstanding service and results.

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For more than 60 years, we have helped hiring managers find employees across a broad spectrum of specialties. As an award winning staffing agency, we help managers secure all types of employees – short-term contracts, long-term contracts, and permanent hires.

Our Staffing Services

We connect clients with employees from high volume shifts to direct hire placements.

Executive Search

Hiring for a key role?

Direct Hire

We help to place high quality candidates, both remote and on-site.


On-demand staffing

On Demand

Call outs, no shows and last-minute needs.

Long Term Staffing

Our most popular service.

Build the Team

Fill those hard-to-fill roles, ASAP!

High Volume Staffing

Local, regional, and national solutions.

Hire 1000+ People

Read our case study about hiring 5,000 people to vaccinate NY.
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