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At TemPositions, we are at the forefront of providing emergency staffing solutions, offering unparalleled expertise in mobilizing skilled professionals for urgent and critical situations. Our tailored approach ensures rapid placement of personnel for immediate and sensitive roles. Our emphasis on promptness and quality, combined with our experience in emergency scenarios, establishes us as a top choice for emergency staffing solutions.

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Best of staffing talent satisfaction 2023 award | Clearly Rated | Best of Staffing | TemPositions School Professionals | Best of Staffing Award | Talent Satisfaction | School Nurse Job Description

Temporary Staffing for Crises or Disaster Relief

Emergency staffing is a specialized service designed to fill roles swiftly in urgent, high-stakes scenarios. Our services extend beyond standard recruitment – we collaborate with your organization to understand the urgency and specific skill sets required, ensuring a rapid response with the right personnel. We specialize in immediately scalable emergency staffing solutions utilizing an extensive field force of appropriately skilled temporary employees. Wherever and whatever your need may be within the United States, we are a SAM approved vendor with the capability to deploy highly qualified, credentialed professionals immediately.


Immediate Emergency Staffing Solutions

Our services are geared towards meeting your immediate needs, with a focus on speed and efficiency in staffing.

98.9% Staff Approval Rating

Based on the staff hired directly by TemPositions and approved by our clients once on assignment.

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

Our broad network enables us to quickly mobilize personnel with a variety of skills suited to emergency situations.


Immediate high-volume disaster staffing solution

When a crisis strikes, you need an emergency staffing solution that can ramp up efficiently on short notice, anywhere. We partner with local staffing firms across the country who follow strict ethical and performance standards and are experts in the areas of screening, credentialing, recruiting, onboarding and placing highly qualified professionals. Our support and scheduling team oversees the overarching staffing pipeline and serves as your single point of contact for order placement, time capture and approval, invoicing and reporting.

Natural Disaster

Emergency Staffing
When a disaster strikes, it’s likely your workforce will be stretched in many directions, making a coordinated response difficult. Let us take on the burden of supplementing your staff, by sourcing, screening, and assigning as many people as you need, to help your team succeed.

Epidemic and Endemic

Medical Crisis Staffing
We can deliver thousands of clinical and non-clinical health care employees to staff your response to the latest medical crisis. From Advanced Practice professionals to medical assistants and non-clinical staff our on-demand team is ready to go.

Call Center and HQ

Triage Staffing
We have strong experience staffing call centers and command stations, having helped our clients during 9/11, Covid-19, and seasonal hurricane support.

IT Infrastructure

Recovery Staffing
Our group of IT specialists have real-world experience managing disaster recovery plans. Our experts will work with you to evaluate risk, identify critical assets that need to be protected, recover data from backups, and test and optimize systems for the future.

Our Comprehensive Emergency Staffing Process:

Needs Analysis

We begin with a quick assessment of your immediate staffing needs and requirements.

Rapid Candidate Mobilization

Using our network, we swiftly identify and deploy suitable candidates for your emergency situations.

Quick Assessment and Placement

Candidates are promptly evaluated to ensure they meet your urgent needs.

On-Demand Pool Replenishment

Once your immediate staffing needs are met, we build pools of on-demand staff.

Post-Placement Support

Our commitment includes ongoing support and adjustment assistance for emergency placements.

Ready to Respond to Your Staffing Emergency?

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