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Behavioral Health Counselor

Job description, Salary, Resume, and Interview Questions



A Behavioral Health Counselor plays a vital role in supporting individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues within healthcare environments. Their responsibilities include evaluating client needs, designing and overseeing care plans, collaborating with healthcare teams, and monitoring client progress. Advocating for clients, ensuring care continuity, and promoting effective communication across healthcare providers are key duties. Proficiency in care coordination, patient advocacy, and the use of healthcare management software is essential.

Successful Behavioral Health Counselors must have excellent organizational skills, a keen eye for detail, and expertise in healthcare software alongside Microsoft Office. Their contributions are critical in improving client outcomes and ensuring the delivery of efficient healthcare services.

Average Salary for Behavioral Health Counselors

Compensation for Behavioral Health Counselors can vary widely, influenced by education, experience, healthcare setting, geographical location, and current market conditions.


Job Descriptions for Behavioral Health Counselors

When hiring a Behavioral Health Counselor, a clear job description is crucial. The following examples can serve as a guide to outline requirements and expectations for your next hire, whether in a burgeoning clinic or a well-established hospital department:

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Candidate Certifications
to Look For

Continuing education and certifications are important for professional development in this field. Useful certifications include:

A CCM is a credential that signifies expertise in case management practices and principles, focusing on improving patient outcomes and facilitating effective healthcare delivery.

The ACM certification is awarded to healthcare professionals who have demonstrated their ability to effectively navigate patient care through complex healthcare systems.

A CPHQ certification represents excellence and professional competence in the field of healthcare quality management.

A BCPA credential identifies professionals who specialize in supporting patients through the healthcare system, ensuring their rights and preferences are respected and met



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Recruiting a Behavioral Health Counselor

Clarify the Role: Ensure the job description clearly outlines responsibilities, including care coordination and patient advocacy.

Evaluate Healthcare Knowledge: Seek candidates with a solid foundation in healthcare procedures and relevant experience.

Certification Importance: View certifications as markers of commitment and expertise.

Communication Skills: Candidates must be capable of effective communication with clients and healthcare teams.

Organizational Fit: Look for individuals whose values and approach to work align with your organization.

Reference Checks: Confirm candidates’ reliability, accuracy, and teamwork skills through references.

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  • How do you evaluate and address client needs in care planning?

  • Can you share an example of a complex case you managed?

  • Describe your approach to coordinating care across different providers.

  • How experienced are you with healthcare management systems?

  • What are your strategies for handling confidential information?

  • Explain how you manage multiple cases and prioritize tasks.

  • Share an instance where you advocated for client resources or support.

  • Discuss your experience with specific patient care or healthcare settings.


To find the right Behavioral Health Counselor for your team, consider these approaches:

  • Utilize TemPositions Health Care, a specialized healthcare staffing agency.
  • Post your job on leading healthcare job boards.
  • Leverage your professional network in the healthcare sector. TemPositions Health Care offers access to a network of pre-screened and qualified healthcare professionals, saving time and ensuring the right fit for your team.

A Behavioral Health counselor?

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