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Vaccinate New York
Case Study

We helped New York State staff 75 vaccine distribution centers with 5000+ clinical and non-clinical staff

We helped New York State staff 75 vaccine distribution centers with 5000+ clinical and non-clinical staff

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State governments faced critical challenges staffing medical centers throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. The nursing shortage hit record levels and continued to climb as Covid-19 strained emergency health care operations across the country.

New York needed to staff 75 temporary medical centers to act as points of distribution (PODs) for the Covid-19 vaccine, staffing PODs in strategic locations as soon as the vaccine was available.

Non-clinical roles included Greeters, Registration Attendants, Inventory Support Staff, and Runners Clinical positions included Vaccinators (RNs, LPNs, EMTs, AEMTs), Medical Evaluators (NPs, PAs, RNs) Registered Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Techs.


TemPositions devised a unified strategy that coordinated and consolidated order receipt, scheduling, time capture and approval, invoicing, and reporting through an easy-to-use mobile app and web portal. Rather than contract and manage more than 30 staffing firms, the State was able to execute a single contract and communicate all staffing needs through a single point of contact.

With the strength of 30+ staffing firms coordinated through one managed service, the State opened dozens of PODs across the State within 3 days, delivering thousands of vaccinations to those with the most urgent need. TemPositions provided the 538 staff necessary to open these PODs.

As the State’s number of PODs grew from a couple dozen to 75, the number of staff required on a weekly basis grew from 538 to more than 5000.

The State continued to ramp its capacity to deliver vaccines 24/7 as demand peaked in 2021, leaning on TemPositions’ immediate staffing capabilities to deliver an additional team of 183 people in 2 days to work overnight. This team broke the record for most vaccinations delivered at one site in 24 hours.

Our consortium was able to provide 538 people within 3 days of contract signing. From there, our roster of qualified professionals grew rapidly.

Over 5,000 people serviced dozens of dispensing sites in New York State. This project has gradually wrapped, with thousands available to work.

183 people were hired in 2 days to work overnight at the Javits Center. Our team broke the record for most vaccinations delivered at one site in 24 hours.

Our straight send model resulted in a 98.9% acceptance rate. Out of 5,000_ employees, only 51 were asked not to return.


Let us use the expertise we have gained from this and other projects across the country to help with your emergency staffing needs. We bring a unique perspective that can only be gained from working in numerous emergency situations in which we have excelled, including homelessness, health emergencies, hurricane relief, asylee care, suicide prevention, and more.

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