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Shelter Initiative
Case Study

We are assisting the State of Vermont ensure 1,200 unhoused families, across all 12 regions in the state, services to overcome and prosper.

We are assisting the State of Vermont ensure 1,200 unhoused families, across all 12 regions in the state, receive services to overcome and prosper.

Asylum Seeker Case Study


The State of Vermont, through the Vermont Agency of Human Services, has been assisting its unhoused residents by providing temporary housing in various hotels across the state.  Mindful of the cost of this housing, the legislature mandated that the Agency ensure that the unhoused are taking full advantage of the supportive services available to them and provide a report evidencing that appointments are being kept. The state was unsuccessful in recruiting staff to perform these functions and turned to us for help.

The recruitment landscape posed a major challenge because of the significant experience and educational requirements needed. The state required individuals with MSWs or RNs who had extensive case management experience dealing with unhoused populations. The demand for these individuals far outweighed the supply.


In the face of these recruitment challenges, we proposed a dynamic and multi-faceted approach. The first step involved direct outreach to candidates who met the desired criteria that we identified through various license registries or databases such as LinkedIn using our paid recruiter seat licenses. We also posted target advertising across a broad spectrum of social media sites driving people to a micro-website we created to serve as a landing page for individuals to learn more and apply.

A significant number of these identified candidates were already employed, which meant we had the task of convincing them this opportunity was more meaningful to them than their current role.  

This project will have a duration of seven to eight months.

Doing case management and coordination of services: 10 case managers & 9 panel coordinators (intake)

In which AHS collaborates with community organizations to improve health and well-being

In a new market for us and a highly in-demand employment market


Let us use the expertise we have gained from this and other projects across the country, such as providing 3,500 case management and other staff to the City of New York for their asylum seeker sanctuary site program, to help with your emergency staffing needs. We bring a unique perspective that can only be gained from working in numerous emergency situations in which we have excelled, including homelessness, health emergencies, hurricane relief, asylee care, suicide prevention, and more.  

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