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There are no other CFO recruiting firms like TGC Search

TGC Search is one of the nation’s leading CFO Recruiting Firms. We find success in your success. Hiring is hard when you don’t have the tools, time, and resources, so let us guide you through it. We craft enticing employer value propositions and navigate the nuances of compensation packages that appeal to the high-performing professionals in your industry. LetTGC Search source the perfect Chief Financial Officer to spearhead your team.  

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Connect With Our Tenured
Executive Search Team

The TGC Search recruitment team is comprised of talent executives who have decades of experience. In your search for a CFO, we will provide a dedicated recruiter who specializes in your field. 

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Executive Profiles

Hiring doesn’t have to be hard. TGC Search can help you find higher quality candidates, remote or on-site, faster. Call it what you want: executive search, direct hire, permanent placement, head hunting. You’ve got one of the best 24/7/365 CFO recruiting firms in the business dedicated to your success.

With each resume submission we present our candidate’s eProfile, which bullet points their relevant required skills and includes their recruiter’s personal assessment.

Accept candidates, schedule interviews, and more directly from their eProfile. Your executive search for a CFO just got a whole lot easier.

An Easy-To-Use Client Dashboard

Track your entire hiring pipeline through our proprietary client dashboard. View resumes, executive profiles, schedule interviews, hire, and manage job openings across all segments of your organization. 

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TGC Search is Different from other CFO Recruiting Firms

Jim Essey | CEO | TemPositions | TGC Search | HR Executive Search Firms

I can confidently say that people are a company’s greatest asset. You can have all the resources in the world, but unless your people are motivated and dedicated towards accomplishing your company’s vision, you will achieve a fraction of your potential.  

-Jim Essey, President and CEO of The TemPositions Group of Companies