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When Is CNA Week & How Can You Celebrate?

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Happy CNA Week!

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are the unsung heroes of healthcare, providing essential care and support to patients across various medical settings. At TemPostions Health Care we are excited to celebrate CNA Week, a special time dedicated to recognizing the invaluable contributions of CNAs. So, when is CNA Week in 2024? It is celebrated from June 13 to June 19 each year, providing a week-long opportunity to honor these dedicated professionals.

CNA Week 2024: June 13-19, 2024

June 13-19, 2024
June 12-18, 2025
June 11-17, 2026
June 10-16, 2027
June 8-14, 2028

How to Celebrate Your CNAs

Celebrating your CNAs can be as unique as the CNAs it honors. Here are a few ideas to make your CNAs feel valued and appreciated:

Send a Thank-You Note: A simple, heartfelt thank-you note can go a long way in showing appreciation.

Organize an Appreciation Event: Host a small event or lunch to recognize their efforts and contributions.

Give Thoughtful Gifts: Consider giving personalized gifts that acknowledge their hard work.

Provide Professional Development Opportunities: Offer workshops, training sessions, or mentorship programs to help CNAs grow professionally.

For healthcare facilities looking to enhance their teams, TemPositions Health Care offers unparalleled staffing solutions. From temporary positions to long-term assignments, we specialize in connecting talented CNAs with facilities that need them most.

Our meticulous approach to recruitment ensures that we match healthcare facilities with CNAs who not only meet but often exceed expectations. Our extensive network, continually updated, meets the dynamic demands of various healthcare sectors, ensuring we find the perfect fit for your needs.

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TemPositions Health Care Celebrates CNAs

As we celebrate, let’s extend our gratitude and take actionable steps to support and empower these essential professionals. Whether you’re a healthcare facility seeking to enhance your team or a CNA ready to embark on your next professional journey, TemPositions Health Care is here to guide and support you.

Happy CNA Week to all the dedicated, compassionate, and hardworking CNAs out there. Your contributions and care are the heartbeat of our healthcare system. This week, we celebrate you!

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For more information on how TemPositions Health Care can support your healthcare facility or CNA career search, visit our website. Discover the difference that dedicated, top-tier staffing solutions can make. Find CNAs, find work, and celebrate the legacy and potential at TemPositions Health Care.

Looking for work beyond the medical field? Check out our job board for open positions.

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