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6 Tips For Job Seekers Looking For Remote Work

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Remote work is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s becoming increasingly commonplace, with estimates showing that around 25% of jobs in North America are now remote.

There are many benefits to this. Many remote workers find that they’re more productive and flexible when working from home, with a happier and more harmonious work-life balance.

In short, remote work can be gratifying, but finding the right remote job isn’t always easy. Here are some top tips to help out with your remote job search.

1. Use the Right Sources

The first step in seeking remote work is knowing where to look. You might be tempted to head to the usual job-seeking sites and job boards, but many of them are still oriented toward regular, in-office roles.

Instead, the best choice is to find remote-focused job boards and websites. Remote job boards only show remote roles and are usually less crowded and competitive than big job sites.

Job Search | Temporary job | Remote job | Full-time job | TemPositions Staffing

2. Get Your Workspace Ready

Your workstation will be something you can put forward as an advantage. Some employers would first look at your workspace and ensure you have a conducive work environment. 

A desk computer, instead of a mobile laptop, is one competent tool that you could add up to make your work more efficient and effective. Since it’s stationary, you can work at your desk only, avoiding more distractions than moving around with your laptop with all the distractions.

3. Understand the Terminology

If you’ve yet to get much experience in searching for remote work, it’s easy to be confused by some of the terms and phrases you see on job listings. For example, some might be advertised as “fully remote”, while others could be “partially remote”.

Make sure you understand what these phrases refer to. A fully remote role is one that you can completely do from home, but partially, partly, or temporary remote jobs may require you to go into an office at some stage.

4. Utilize Your Network

It’s no surprise that you will have a better chance of getting a role or at least having your resume noticed if you know someone at the company.  Don’t be afraid to use your network of friends, family, and professional contacts.

Post a message on LinkedIn to let people know what kind of role you’re looking for and see if anyone can help with an introduction or recommendation.

5. Don't Worry About Location Limits

Usually, when you visit job boards or search for work online, you only look in and around your local area. This makes sense for in-house work and offline roles, but for remote work, there’s no need to restrict yourself.

Don’t only search for jobs in your hometown, region, or state. If you’re working remotely, there’s no problem at all in working for a company that’s hundreds of miles away or even in another country.

6. Research Each Employer Before Applying

There are better ways to get noticed than simply sending out random applications or copying and pasting cover letters. Not only that, but if you fail to research the companies you’re applying to properly, you could find yourself in a role that doesn’t work for you.

Find out about their values, reputation, and track record to ensure they’re reliable and compatible with your way of working.

7. Create a Classy Resume

This tip is valid for any kind of work, not just remote work, but if you want to have a good chance of catching an employer’s eye and getting the role of your dreams, you need to create a strong resume.

Remote recruiters can receive hundreds of resumes for a single role, so make your document catchy, concise, and eye-catching.  Show off your skills and relevant experience, and adapt it to each role, leaving out or adding appropriate information each time. 

Want more tips regarding remote work?

There’s more where that came from! Stay tuned for part two of this series.

Ready to find remote work now? Talk with a TemPositions recruiter.

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