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Tips for an Awesome Skype Interview

Tips for an Awesome Skype Interview

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The rise of technology has added a new element to the job search: Skype interviews. While in-person interviews are preferred, Skype interviews increasingly grow more common. According to, 80% of companies with more than 10,000 employees use video interviews, and for good reason. Skype interviews make things easy. They enable job seekers to cut down on travel and allow interviewers to save time. While video interviews may seem more relaxed, as you can conference within the comfort of your own home, they should be taken seriously. An interview, after all, is your one chance to demonstrate your skills to an employer. You may only get this one opportunity, so you need to make it count.

Tips for an Awesome Skype Interview

Live video uses a large amount of data at one time. As a result, Skype lags often, making it difficult to communicate with the interviewer. To fix this problem, find a place with an excellent WIFI connection. While Starbucks has free WIFI, it won’t cut it for this interview. Stay at home, and invest in a premium wireless router.

As the idea of a video interview is for the interviewer to see your face, you should ensure that your camera is high resolution. Resolution is the amount of detail able to be processed by a camera. In other words, the higher the camera resolution, the better your interviewer will be able to see you. High resolution cameras are 720p and greater. Thus, if your laptop’s built-in camera is less than 720p, consider investing in a high-resolution webcam.

To further improve your image, select a space, for your interview, with an abundance of natural light. Ensure the light is direct, angled toward your face, rather than the sides or the back of your head. Light from the background will cause your face to blur, whereas a direct angling will highlight and sharpen your facial features.

Professional Attire
Assuming only your upper body will be on display, during your Skype interview, you may be tempted to wear your favorite sweatpants. Resist this urge, and instead dawn professional attire from head to toe. You may need to rise at some point during your interview to gather a paper or to fix your equipment. What then? Be prepared. Take the extra precaution and dress for success.

Clean Environment
You will be on display in the foreground of your camera, of course. But, what of the background? Your environment matters. Your interviewer will take notice. Ensure the room is tidy. After all, an organized room depicts an organized life.

It’s easier to make an impression in person, because you can use physical contact. Via video, however, you are limited. The best way to make an impression here is to focus on the conversation. As such, you need to ensure that the interviewer can hear you. Oftentimes, the quality of built-in laptop microphones is poor at best. It’ll pick up background noise and make it difficult for the interviewer to hear you. Instead either use a professional microphone or a pair of headphones which can focus in on your voice.

Call the Interviewer
Instead of having the interviewer call you, call him or her instead. If you call the interviewer, you can set the overall tone of the interview. This is the perfect way to show that you are confident and in command right away.

Look into the camera
A key tip to keep in mind, during your interview, is to keep eye contact with the camera, rather than your computer screen. This will demonstrate your confidence and certainty to your interviewer. In this case, keeping eye contact with the camera is the same as keeping eye contact with the interviewer. Yes, it’s awkward, but do it anyway. Eye contact, when you’re online, is just as important as it is face to face.

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