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6 Elevator Pitch Examples + Tips From HR Experts

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At TemPositions, we understand the pivotal role a well-crafted elevator pitch can play in career advancement. Leveraging the expertise of top HR professionals, this guide provides essential tips for creating impactful elevator pitches and includes elevator pitch examples that will set you apart in your job search.

1. Keep It Concise and Personal

Allan Vu, Founder and Hiring Manager at Work Remote Now!, emphasizes the importance of brevity and personalization in elevator pitches. He recalls an impressive pitch from a graphic designer:

“Hi, I’m Jane Doe. I’ve helped brands like ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor stand out in crowded markets. My recent project increased client engagement by 40% through innovative social media campaigns, and I know I could do the same for your team as well. I’ve studied your branding and I’m confident I’d be able to help the company grow with my experience in the job board industry.”

Vu advises candidates to identify their core strengths and biggest achievements, mentioning the value they can add to the company. He also stresses the importance of confidence and practicing until the pitch feels natural.

2. Focus on Specific, Measurable Results

Mike Basso, Founder & CEO of Sales Talent, highlights the impact of focusing on past results rather than years of experience. He cites an effective pitch that showcases specific financial impacts:

“At my last company, I recruited, trained, and coached eleven fintech software sales account executives to grow revenue from sub $1 million to over $8 million in one year.”

This approach makes your achievements tangible and demonstrates your ability to deliver real results.

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3. Start with an Interesting Hook or Accomplishment

Stephen Greet, CEO and Co-founder of BeamJobs, recommends starting your pitch with a compelling hook or significant accomplishment. He recalls a memorable pitch from an HR specialist:

“I’m an experienced HR professional with a deep understanding of talent acquisition, employee engagement, and compliance. I’ve successfully implemented diversity and inclusion initiatives that have fostered a more inclusive workplace culture and improved employee retention rates by 20%.”

Greet advises candidates to research the company and job to tailor their pitch and include details that demonstrate their skills and passion.

Farhan Siraj, CEO of OSHA Outreach Courses, finds pitches most compelling when candidates use specific, measurable achievements to illustrate their value. He shares an example from a social media manager:

“I developed a campaign that increased the online engagement of my previous company’s social pages by 35%.”

Using real-life examples helps potential employers visualize your contributions and understand what you can bring to their organization.

4.Highlight Achievements with Real-Life Examples

Tailoring your pitch to the company and role you’re applying for shows that you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested in the position. Allan Vu advises keeping pitches brief, around 30 to 60 seconds, and ensuring they are relevant to the specific job and company.

5. Tailor Your Pitch to the Company + Role

Confidence is key when delivering an elevator pitch. Practice your pitch until it feels natural and you can deliver it without sounding rehearsed. Practicing in front of a mirror or with friends can help you refine your delivery and boost your confidence.

6. Practice to Build Confidence

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These expert insights form the foundation for creating effective elevator pitches that not only highlight your unique strengths but also make a lasting impression on potential employers. Partner with TemPositions to leverage these practices and advance your career.

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