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Serving Up Success – 6 Server Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

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Do you thrive in a fast-paced and collaborative environment? If so, then serving might be the perfect job for you, and these server interview questions will help you land your dream job! According to Workable servers are responsible for “seating guests, taking guest orders, communicating them effectively to the kitchen and in addition, memorizing the menu and offering recommendations to upsell appetizers, desserts, or drinks.”

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1. Tell me about your experience in the service industry

Server interview questions typically start off by asking about your previous serving experience. Start by providing an overview of your previous positions. This can include the types of establishments you worked in (such as restaurants, cafes, or hotels) and the duration of your experience. Emphasize your key responsibilities and the specific skills you developed in each role. 

2. How do you handle multitasking during high-pressure situations?

This question helps evaluate your ability to stay organized and work efficiently and collaboratively under pressure. Discuss your strategies for staying calm during busy hours. This includes your process in prioritizing tasks, maintaining effective communication, and having a positive attitude despite being under stress. Get specific with your examples, and describe a time when you succeeded in providing top notch customer service while under pressure.

3. Describe a time when you went above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service

This question provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your dedication to customer satisfaction and showcase your willingness to go the extra mile. Share a specific story where you exceeded a customer’s expectations or resolved an issue in a creative and proactive manner. Highlight your ability to anticipate customer needs and personalize their experience. Illustrate how your actions positively impacted the customer’s overall dining experience and left a lasting impression.

4. How do you handle feedback, both positive and constructive?

Effective communication and a willingness to learn and grow are vital qualities for servers. Describe your approach to receiving feedback from customers, colleagues, or supervisors. Discuss how you actively seek feedback to improve your skills and provide better service. Show your appreciation for both positive feedback, as it motivates you to continue delivering excellent service, and constructive feedback, as it helps you identify areas for improvement. Emphasize your ability to remain open-minded, receptive, and adaptable in response to feedback.

5. How do you ensure accuracy when taking and delivering orders?

Attention to detail is crucial in the service industry, and this question allows you to showcase your commitment to accuracy. Explain your process for taking orders, such as repeating them back to the customer or using an order pad. Discuss how you verify specific dietary requirements or preferences to avoid mistakes. Highlight your diligence in double-checking orders before delivering them to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.

6. How do you resolve conflict when dealing with difficult customers?

This question aims to assess your customer service skills and ability to handle challenging situations with grace and professionalism. Share an example of a difficult customer encounter you faced in the past and explain how you handled it. Emphasize your ability to actively listen, empathize, and find a satisfactory resolution. Discuss your approach to de-escalating tense situations and your willingness to seek assistance from supervisors or managers when necessary.

By practicing your responses to these server interview questions, you’ll greatly increase your chances of landing a serving job. Good luck with your interview and be sure to check out our open server positions!

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