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Words That Scare Human Resources: What HR Doesn’t Want To Hear

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At TemPositions, we recognize the crucial role of human resources in maintaining a healthy and productive workplace. Certain words and phrases can alarm HR professionals, signaling underlying issues that require immediate attention. In this post, we draw on insights from seasoned HR experts to explore the words that scare human resources and offer strategies to address these concerns effectively.

“My Employees Don't Like to Take Lunches”

Jessica Hart, MBA, Founder & HR Consultant at Hart Consulting LLC, identifies this phrase as a major red flag. “Many states have laws on meal/rest breaks that are not to be messed with,” she explains. Ensuring compliance with these laws is essential, but it’s also about respecting basic human needs. “A manager who thinks it’s okay for employees to skip lunch is a red flag. We want leaders who understand that people need to eat and rest,” she emphasizes.

How to Address This

  1. Lead with Curiosity: Engage with managers to understand their perspectives and educate them on the importance of breaks.
  2. Set Clear Expectations: Establish policies emphasizing the necessity of breaks, such as no meetings during lunch hours.
  3. Schedule Awareness: Ensure employees know their lunch schedules and feel confident rejecting meetings during their meal times.
  4. Respect Time Zones: If you call an employee in another time zone during their lunch, acknowledge the interruption and reschedule.

Training managers to prioritize and respect breaks helps mitigate risks and promotes a healthier, more productive work environment.

Lucas Botzen, CEO & HR Expert at Rivermate, highlights these phrases as particularly concerning. “This means that somewhere at the core, something within the organization is wrong and needs fixing,” he states. High turnover rates and employee burnout can lead to decreased productivity, low morale, and a tarnished company image. Moreover, “quiet quitting” and the “great resignation” signal significant changes in employee expectations and engagement.

“Employee Burnout,”
“Toxic Work Culture,”
and “High Turnover Rates”

  1. Promote Wellness Programs: Implement initiatives that focus on employee well-being and regular check-ins on workload and job satisfaction.
  2. Foster Open Communication: Ensure employees feel valued and heard by maintaining clear lines of communication.
  3. Proactive Interventions: Identify and address issues early through root cause analysis and tailored solutions.

How to Address This

“Quiet Quitting”
and the “Great Resignation”

These modern workforce phenomena reflect a shift in employee expectations and engagement. Addressing these requires a proactive approach to creating a supportive and engaging work environment.

How to Address This

  1. Engage Employees: Foster a culture of engagement where employees feel connected to their work and the organization.
  2. Flexible Work Options: Offer flexible work arrangements to meet the diverse needs of the workforce.
  3. Professional Development: Provide opportunities for growth and development to keep employees motivated and invested in their roles.

Work with TemPositions

Navigating the challenges that scare HR professionals requires expertise and strategic planning. At TemPositions, we partner with organizations to develop robust HR strategies that address these concerns head-on. From compliance to culture, our team is ready to help you build a stronger, more resilient workforce.

These expert insights form the foundation for addressing the words that scare human resources, ensuring a healthier, more productive work environment. Partner with TemPositions to leverage these practices and build a stronger, more resilient workforce.

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