How to Become a Substitute Teacher in NYC​

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How to Become a Substitute Teacher in NYC

We need NYC substitute teachers on a consistent basis to cover temporarily vacant teacher positions. The ideal candidate advances learning along the continuum, which is usually established by the absent full-time teacher.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a substitute teacher, first become acquainted with the requirements for substitute teaching in NYC. The information below outlines the many requirements related to substitute teaching in NYC DOE public schools. If you are interested in teaching within the next few weeks, consider teaching in private, charter, international, and other NYC schools. Furthermore, you can browse School Professional’s jobs and benefits information.

Filling Open NYC Sub Teacher Jobs

The NYC substitute teacher pay per day varies depending on the school or substitute teacher agency and a wide variety of other factors. This includes your licensure status, your experience, and whether or not you are a retired formal teacher. That being said, there are many other variables and stipulations.

Substitute Teacher Requirements

There is a lot of conflicting information online about the qualifications and requirements a person must meet to fill one of the many substitute teacher jobs in the city. But, when in doubt, look to the official New York City Department of Education website for general information.

Becoming a substitute teacher in NYC means you will have the following responsibilities:

• Promoting positive student behavior

• Cultivating a safe, proper learning environment

• Teaching lessons to the students

• Planning lessons when needed

• Managing the classroom

• Ensuring the security of all students

• Performing administrative tasks as needed

Whereas this is not a complete list of duties you’ll likely encounter as a substitute teacher, it gives a general idea.

The Fine Print

Some websites claim that New York City does not require a college degree or even a license to be a substitute teacher. However, this is not entirely true.

To work in the public school system, the New York City Department of Education provides clear guidance. To apply to be a substitute teacher, you need to show proof that you:

• Have legal authorization to hold a job in the United States

• Are proficient in writing, reading, and speaking the English language

• Hold a bachelor’s degree

• Have obtained an online nomination from a school principal

Again, these are only the minimum requirements. They specifically pertain to the NYC DOE school district. On the other hand, to work as a sub in schools outside of the public school system, you do not need a license or an online nomination from a school principal.

New York State Requirements to Become a Substitute Teacher

The New York State Education Department states that the city does require substitutes who are employed by the city’s department of education to hold a city substitute teacher license. However, you do not need a license to work outside of the public school system.

Substitute Teacher License in NYC

According to the state of New York, substitute teachers fall into one of three categories. The categories are divided according to the credentials a substitute teacher has:

• Substitute teachers with a valid teaching certificate

• Substitute teachers who are working toward certification

• Substitute teachers who don’t have certification and are not working toward it

Your credentials will determine the extent that you are legally allowed to work as a substitute teacher for public schools in the state of New York. This includes in New York City.

NOTE: These credentials, while helpful, have no bearing on your ability to substitute teach outside of the NYC DOE public school system. Therefore, if you are subbing in private, charter, international, or other schools outside of the public school system, there are no restrictions on the number of days you can work.

Substitute Teachers with a Valid Teaching Certificate

If you have a teaching certificate, you are allowed to work for any number of days in any capacity. However, if you work for more than 40 days for a school district in NYC, you need to be employed in the area for which you are specifically certified.

Substitutes Without a Teaching Certificate Who Are Working Toward One

To qualify for this category in NYC, you must be taking no fewer than six semester hours per year. You can work any number of days in any capacity and in any number of school districts. But, if you are employed by a district for longer than 40 days, it must be in the area for which you are working toward certification.

Substitutes With No Teaching Certificate Who Are Not Pursuing One

In this case, you cannot work for longer than 40 days for a district under normal circumstances. However, through the 2022–2023 school year, there are exceptions. If you don’t have a certificate but do have a high school diploma or its equivalent, you can work for up to 90 days total. This is permissible if the district has in good faith searched for certified candidates to no avail.

NYC Substitute Teacher Pay Per Day

There are many different numbers floating around regarding the pay of a substitute teacher in NYC. However, for the NYC Department of Education the official effective daily rate of pay for a substitute teacher as of February 1, 2019, was $188.75. On May 14, 2020, that rose to $193.47. As of May 14, 2021, the daily NYC substitute teacher pay per day rose to and stands at $199.27. This amount applies to actual days worked. Pay rates will be different when working outside of the public school system.

There are no benefits received through the state or the city for substitute teachers. However, applying and working through School Professionals does offer benefits, such as minimum essential coverage health insurance, 401k, and childcare assistance to NYC substitute teachers.

Apply to be a Substitute Teacher Today

If you’re ready to apply today to be a substitute teacher in NYC, check out School Professionals. We are an organization that connects substitute teachers to the NYC  private and charter schools that need them.

Benefits are available through School Professionals, even though the city and state provide no benefits for substitute teachers.

We have more than 400 substitute teachers serving schools every day. We offer direct-hire, per-diem, short-term, and long-term staffing support. Check out our online tools and services available through our website and our mobile app. This includes online reporting, electronic time capture, and more.

As a recipient of the Clearly Rated Best of Staffing Award, School Professionals is ready to help you find the best substitute teaching jobs in NYC. Browse our jobs and benefits information and apply with us today!

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