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How To Be A Substitute Teacher In Florida

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How to Be a Substitute Teacher in Florida

Substitute teaching can be a highly rewarding job. If you enjoy working with children, have a passion for learning, and want to contribute to the education of future leaders, this path is for you. What’s more, the state needs Florida substitute teachers.

Whether you want to be a Miami Dade County substitute teacher or a sub in any other county in the state, you’ll need to make sure that you know what’s required of you and how to earn these credentials. Interested in teaching within the next few weeks? Consider teaching in private, charter, international, and other schools. Browse School Professional’s job openings for more info.

Requirements for Florida Substitute Teachers

There isn’t a single set of requirements for substitute teachers in Florida. Each county has its own regulations, so it’s advisable to choose the district you want to teach in before applying for jobs.

For instance, every county in the state accepts college degrees from any field. However, testing requirements and the necessity of a college degree may vary by district.

Some counties require applicants to be at least 19 years old and have 30 completed college credits. Others accept education majors who are in the process of completing their degree and student teaching internship.

Certain districts in Florida may require completion of a training course before starting work.

Substitute Teacher Certification in Florida

Since the requirements vary between counties, you need to know the educational demands for substitute teaching in the specific district or county where you’ll work.

Some districts offer positions for both degreed and non-degreed substitute teachers. Additionally, certain counties allow substitutes with a bachelor’s degree in the subject they will teach to take on longer assignments exceeding 30 days.

While there’s no official state-wide substitute teaching certification mandate in Florida, other requirements must be fulfilled.

Additional Requirements Before Taking Substitute Teacher Jobs

Although Florida doesn’t have a unified set of requirements, there are similar steps to follow regardless of the county. This list is specifically tailored for Miami Dade County substitute teachers.

During the application process, you’ll need to provide:

  • Work history
  • Certifications, including special certifications like CPR and first aid
  • Professional references
  • Proof of completing a training program (if required)
  • Transcripts for college credit hours (if required)

All applicants interested in becoming substitute teachers in Florida must undergo fingerprinting, which incurs a fee. Some counties require fingerprinting after submitting an application and paying the fee, while others require completion of the application, submission of necessary forms, and participation in substitute teacher training before fingerprinting.

Once you meet the requirements set by the district where you’re applying, you’ll be qualified to fill substitute teaching positions as needed. However, if you plan to teach in multiple districts or counties, check whether your qualifications from your current district suffice.

How Much Does a Substitute Teacher Make in Florida?

The pay for substitute teachers varies between counties. Metropolitan areas typically have higher pay scales than rural areas due to the higher cost of living.

For example, in Miami Dade County, the average hourly pay for substitute teachers fluctuates but averages around $17.46. In Martin County, the average hourly pay is currently $10.08.

Search for Florida Substitute Teaching Jobs and Apply Now

Once you’ve confirmed that you meet the qualifications for substitute teaching in a particular county, begin searching for open positions. Many school districts in Florida post general job listings for substitute teachers.

Responding to these calls for help is a good way to get your name on the list of available substitutes when the need arises. Specific open positions can be harder to find due to the nature of the job, as schools often become aware of the need for a substitute teacher only shortly before school starts when a teacher calls in sick.

Apply to Be a Substitute Teacher

However, when you look at School Professionals, an award-winning education staffing agency, you’ll always have the best window to Florida’s most in-demand substitute teaching jobs. You can search for open education positions any time it’s convenient for you from any device. 

For access to the best positions for Florida substitute teachers and a platform that will connect you with a wide variety of professional resources, apply today with School Professionals!

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