Testimonials on Yelp

Awesome company to work for. Thanks Ms. Rakeemia Pittman for all the opportunities that I’ve been given.
— Jay F. - Bronx, NY

This review is for the company, but more for it’s administrative track ( they have a bunch of divisions, including those for teaching subs and event catering).

I have to say, I was floored. I’d heard bad things about temp agencies before, but due to only having a part time job, I decided to try one out to earn some more income on top of that. I was shocked to see just how helpful they were.

The agency was professional, thorough, and as long as you kept in touch, gave a steady stream of work. Of the 5 months I was with them, there were only about 2-3 weeks of combined days where I wasn’t working. I liked the diversity ( I did everything from coat-checking at Columbia University, to helping an auction of Ancient Chinese artwork in Midtown), and the reliability. Best of all, I wound up with a temp-to-perm job at the end of it.

If you’re struggling for a job for whatever reason, I would HIGHLY recommend this agency. Their agents are absolutely top-notch at getting you back in the workforce.

— Nick M. - Schenectady, NY
I’m “retired” from my regular work as a small business owner in the marketing/pr/advertising arena and do temp work to augment my social security. So I have worked with several temp agencies over the years and rate TemPositions high on the list of professionalism and work assignments. There have been some issues over the years, but over all, I am a fan of the company and would like to get more assignments from them in the future.
— Sandie W. - San Francisco, CA

Testimonials on Google

I definitely recommend Tempositions Agency.My agent Tricia Brown is an amazing person. She is very professional and efficient. What makes this agency shine is that they actually assign you to the jobs you request and the location. Other agencies seem to atssign you in manner that causes you to question whether they’ve actually read your desired position. It was a pleasure to work for Tempositions!!!
— Michele R.
I only worked one week but it was enough to keep me going while finding a better employment situation. Part time seasonal job that helps the independent worker keep up paying the bills. Excellent supervision and team work.
— Samuel G.