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School Professionals holds an exclusive contract for Professionals Services with NYC DOE to provide educational professionals in a wide variety of disciplines. School Professionals employs a web-based system to centralize and automate all processes around the utilization of consultants by the NYC DOE throughout its districts in all five boroughs. Click here to read a letter describing the relationship in greater detail.

School Professionals is a division of The TemPositions Group of Companies, one of the country’s largest privately owned staffing firms offering services to the New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and California markets.

In addition to the NYC DOE relationship, School Professionals provides services in the following areas:

Supplemental and Substitute Teachers and Educational Professionals
School Professionals provides teachers, administrators and educational consultants to a wide variety of schools. Schools pay one all-inclusive hourly or daily rate. Since all subs are School Professionals employees, School Professionals handles all payroll functions, and covers its employees under its workers’ compensation, unemployment, and disability insurance policies and makes Social Security (FICA) payments on their behalf. Substitutes are also eligible for School Professionals benefits programs and are covered under the School Professionals multi-million dollar liability insurance policies.

In addition, School Professionals provides a full range of staff for schools including school secretaries, A/V and computer technicians, school nurses, event and catering staff, and human resources and finance professionals.

Direct Hire Placement of Teachers, Administrators and Educational Consultants
School Professionals also provides targeted confidential searches for a school’s direct hire educational and administrator needs. Besides teachers, we can assist our clients with all levels of administrators including Department Chairs, Instructional Designers, Counselors, Coaches, Assistant Principals, Principals and Superintendents.

School Professionals is an educator’s employment clearinghouse, the only one of its kind in the New York City area. Teachers and administrators come to us knowing that we will discretely and expertly focus their career search and find an ideal match to their strengths and interests. Schools come to us because they trust our reliability, insight and professionalism — and the quality of candidates we offer. When they do, they come to realize that one of the year’s most painful administrative chores is now a breeze.

SES Tutoring
Since 2004, School Professionals has been a State Approved Provider of Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to New York City’s public schools as part of the No Child Left Behind law. The program offers a boutique-sized alternative to schools looking for a more personalized, tailor-made SES curriculum. Click here to learn more about the SES program.

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