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Emergency Staffing Solutions

Temporary Staffing for Crises or Disaster Relief

We specialize in immediately scalable emergency staffing solutions utilizing an extensive field force of appropriately skilled temporaryemployees. Wherever and whatever your need may be within the United States, we are a SAM approved vendor with the capability to deploy highly qualified, credentialed professionals immediately.

Partnering with TemPositions can provide both clinical and non-clinical staff to help you respond better to:

  • Disease outbreaks, pandemics, and endemics.
  • Natural disasters,including floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, snow, et. al.
  • Triage and call-center efforts to coordinate mass communication efforts.
  • IT infrastructure recovery after events like a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or business disruptions.

Speak with a Crisis Staffing Expert

Immediate high-volume disaster staffing solution

When a crisis strikes, you need an emergency staffing solution that can ramp up efficiently on short notice. It would be naïve to say any one staffing company can handle every situation.  That’s why we created our Consortium Partner model. Here, we curate a specialized consortium of local staffing firms with specific skill specialty areas.  All must be members of the American Staffing Association and/or their local staffing association, ensuring all firms maintain strict ethical and performance standards, and are experts in the areas of screening, credentialing, recruiting, onboarding and placing highly qualified professionals. Our support and scheduling team oversee the consortium and serve as our client’s single point of contact for order placement, time capture and approval, invoicing and reporting.

Natural Disaster

Emergency Staffing
When a disaster strikes, it’s likely your workforce will be stretched in many directions, making a coordinated response difficult. Let us take on the burden of supplementing your staff, by sourcing, screening, and assigning as many people as you need, to help your team succeed.

Epidemic and Endemic

Medical Crisis Staffing
We can deliver up to thousands of clinical and non-clinical health care employees to staff your response to the latest medical crisis. From Advanced Practice professionals to medical assistants and non-clinical staff our on-demand team is ready to go.

Call Center and HQ

Triage Staffing
We have strong experience staffing call centers and command stations, having helped our clients during 9/11 and most recently Covid-19.

IT Infrastructure

Recovery Staffing
Our group of IT specialists have real-world experience managing disaster recovery plans. Our experts will work with you to evaluate risk, identify critical assets that need to be protected, recover data from backups, and test and optimize systems for the future.

Staffing Technology Built for Disaster Staffing Scenarios

Our staffing software is custom built to address the needs of emergency staffing solutions. With immediate scalability, we distribute your vacant roles to as many staffing firms as necessary with local staffing experience. These firms build rosters of credentialed, on-demand staff right in our software and then assign them to open roles under the oversight of our scheduling team.  We then aggregate all the submissions into consolidated daily schedule sheets, so that our clients can see at a glance all roles are filled.

Intellistaff | Schedule Employees | Employee pictures with work history and star rating | Emergency Staffing Solutions

Emergency Staffing - Case Study

During the height of the COVID pandemic, we were asked by the NYS DOH to coordinate the emergency staffing solution for all mass vaccination sites around the state which would need, at the peak, 5,000 clinical and non-clinical employees.  Recognizing a need for our consortium partner model, we signed on 35 staffing firms to our specialized staffing platform. The result—we placed over 538 clinical and non-clinical staff in three days and built to over 5,000 clinical and non-clinical employees at the peak. We can repeat that same immediate scalability during any crisis on a national level. The infographic below highlights some key successes of the program:

538 People staffed in 3 days | Emergency Staffing Solutions | TemPositions | Nurse Practitioner Staffing Agency

Our consortium was able to provide 538 people within 3 days of contract signing. From there, our roster of qualified professionals grew rapidly.

5000+ People Worked | Emergency Staffing Solutions | TemPositions | Nurse Practitioner Staffing Agency

Over 5,000 people serviced over 50 dispensing sites across New York state.

16,500 Vaccinations in 24 Hours | Emergency Staffing Solutions | TemPositions | Nurse Practitioner Staffing Agency

When a facility was converted to run 24 hours, we delivered 183 people in 2 days to work overnight at the Javits Center. Combined with our day shift staff, the  team broke the record for most vaccinations delivered at any one site in the US in 24 hours.

98.9% Acceptance Rate | Emergency Staffing Solutions | TemPositions | Nurse Practitioner Staffing Agency

Our straight send model resulted in a 98.9% acceptance rate. Out of 5,000+ employees, only 51 were asked not to return.

We Can Staff Anywhere in the Country

Through Our Unique Consortium Approach

While only communicating with our firm, Clients benefit from a curated group of staffing firms selected based on geographic capability and skill-set specialization. Due to our deep connections with staffing firm trade associations throughout the country, we can develop Consortium Partners of vetted staffing firms on a local, regional, or national scale.

Our partners are:

•Local, owner-operated firms

•ASA or local staffing association members

•Many are M/WBEs

•Specialists in particular skill sets

•Experts in assembling proven candidate pools

What they do:

• Source and select candidates

•Handle all on-boarding Compliance

•Continually develop on-call candidate pools

•Pay employees each week

Implement strong retention tools