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What We Offer in Logistics & Light Industrial Staffing

TemPositions Logistics has been a leader in providing logistics and light industrial staffing solutions. Our solutions allow clients to take a strategic approach to secure the resources needed to accomplish their objectives. We’ve built a reputation for becoming a true solutions partner with our clients. Our variety of consulting and staffing arrangements provides the flexibility to handle virtually any requirement you have. Whether your objectives require mission-critical skills for extended periods of time or on a shorter-term project basis, TemPositions Logistics has a wide range of value-added solutions and services to match your initiatives and goals.

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The support you need

We consistently build our database of logistics and light industrial experts and expand it on a regular basis, ensuring a wide range of candidates with the expertise to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients for every need. The majority of our professionals are referrals from existing employees, clients, industry professionals and industry groups, resulting in a more qualified and diverse applicant pool. The quality of our staff far exceeds the industry standard thanks in part to the wealth of extras we extend to them, including the most comprehensive benefits program available in today’s workplace.

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Request employees through our web portal or mobile app. We provide a list of all employees who have previously worked with you, complete with profile pictures, star ratings, and a detailed work history. If you are requesting candidates for a new role, we will propose new employees for the position.

Employees accept assignments through their own mobile app.

Award winning service

Our recruiters are hand-selected because of their past experience in the needs of information technology. An understanding and a genuine interest in the culture of logistics and light industrial enables them to differentiate between top-tier talent, sweet-talkers, and run-of-the-mill card-clockers who invest only the bare minimum. If over 50 years in recruitment has taught us anything, it’s that everything changes. In every industry. So, we’re constantly adapting to new industry trends, economic developments, and new technologies to provide you with a service that is not only thorough and determined, but relevant and progressive as well.