School Professionals Honor Roll & Teacher of the Year Programs

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My name is Jose Medina with School Professionals. Over the last 16 years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of New York students schools, and we placed over 12,000 substitute teachers. Despite those teachers helping schools be uninterrupted by absences of vacancies, sometimes being a substitute teacher can be a tough and thankless job and just like any other line of work, people want to feel they’re making a meaningful impact and they want to be recognized for it. This is why we created the School Professionals on a role where we helped to recognize those dedicated and professional substitutes, including our annual School Professionals and teacher. I think if people know that they can measure their success and impact, there’ll be more likely to stay in those fields and for us, we’ve actually seen the results in that. Over 300 of our teachers have stayed for those three years or more, putting many of our teachers who have been with us five years or longer and that is really an anomaly in the staffing industry. What that means for our clients is that more familiarity in people we staff and more consistency in the classroom where we place them. My name is Jose Medina with School Professionals, we’d love to help.

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