How to Find the Right Job Recruiter?

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Making the decision to change jobs is hard, finding the right job recruiter is even harder.

Every day, candidates tell me they’re “working with a few recruiters right now.” It sounds good, but what these job seekers don’t realize is that working with multiple recruiters will oversaturate them in the market.

The mistake that every job seeker makes when finding a recruiter.

Let’s say you are a Senior Auditor looking to join a new firm; you have your MBA and your CPA and currently work at an amazing firm. You mark yourself “open to new opportunities” on LinkedIn and BOOM!, hundreds of recruiters can now message you.

You respond to half and work with a handful of those job recruiters. Either because they have the best-paying roles or a few to choose from. But how do you know the recruiter is working in your best interest?

How do I find the best job recruiter?

As a true headhunter, I only reach out to candidates that are perfect for my clients. If you get a message from me, it’s because I handpicked you. So, I ask people who are working with “a few recruiters”- “Would you have 5 significant others?”

They instantly get stumped and ask what I mean. Here is the reality.

  • Recruiter A and you have a call and they promise you that they will send your resume to tons of firms. They edit your resume as they see fit, and now 20 firms have your profile.
  • Recruiter B and you have a call and they do the same exact thing.

But wait! – did either recruiter tell you which firms they submitted to, or the edits they made to your resume? The answer, 9 times out of 10, is NO.

Imagine you start dating someone and also happen to go out with a few other people. Some of them know each other, so they all find out – and now the person you like isn’t interested anymore.

Now, multiple firms are getting your profile twice. What are they going to think about you?

Top 3 Steps for Success when Choosing a Job Recruiter

1 – Quality Over Quantity.

Choose your recruiter (matchmaker) carefully-so you can trust them. Don’t just choose them because they are verbally offering you the best. Choose them because they are and want the best for you.

2 – Ask Questions.

Ask your recruiter, when can you both meet in person? Ask them to explain their process with candidates. And ask any other question you might have to go to the next step.

3 – The job is for you, not the recruiter.

Next time you get a message from a recruiter, take the time to get to know them – it’s on you the candidate to NOT be transactional. It will help you make the right decision down the road.

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