Tips for Success – How to Dress for an Interview

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Your interview attire speaks volumes before you shake hands and introduce yourself.  To make the best first impression, it is advisable to preplan your outfit before your interview. Research the company and its atmosphere, in addition to the position in which you are applying for, and always be sure that you ask your representative which dress code your prospective workplace follows.

Considering every workplace is different, we’ve provided some common tips and examples that are universally effective.  Generally, attire requirements fall into two categories which are Corporate and Business Casual.

Corporate Attire

  • Full matching suit
  • Dress with a jacket or knee-length skirt, blouse and jacket
  • Grey, dark blue, or black pants with a jacket
  • Tie (you can always take this off if it turns out it is not required)
  • Closed-toe dark shoes, with matching socks
  • Simple hair, minimum perfume/cologne


Business Casual

  • Button down shirt/blouse (long or short sleeve)
  • Pants or slacks
  • Sport coat, blazer, or sweater
  • Medium-length skirt or dress, with or without a jacket


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do ensure that your attire is neat and wrinkle free
  • Do ensure that you are wearing comfortable shoes where you are able to walk around in case you are shown around the office or site location
  • Do not wear jeans, leggings, sweatpants, animal prints or yoga pants
  • Do not wear sandals, or bright colored shoes


Dressing for success does not mean that you have to leave your personal style at home. There are plenty of ways to reflect your personality while wearing proper interview attire. Remember you are dressing for the career you want, and the first impression is always the last impression.  Happy interviewing!

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